More than 20 years

AUTOFORTAS – one of the largest vehicle repair companies in Lithuania

Briefly about us

The company, which has been working in the field of car repair for more than 20 years, provides a full range of car services. For today, AUTOFORTAS has a repair area of more than 3900 sq. m. and has assembled a professional team of more than 40 skilled workers. Up to 130 cars can be repaired at the same time. For its work, the company has gained the confidence of loyal customers and has been appreciated by all insurance companies operating in Lithuania. The company’s equipment and professional team of workers can offer the best solutions in the field of car repair.

Vehicle conformity assessment

AUTOFORTAS has concluded a cooperation agreement with KAUNO TECHNINĖS APŽIŪROS CENTRAS UAB (KAUNAS TECHNICAL INSPECTION CENTRE CJSC) regarding the possibility to carry out conformity assessment of used vehicles. It includes an assessment of wheels, location of the wheel axles, car body geometry parameters, electronic security systems.

The car repair shop is located in a geographically convenient place – Šilainiai micro-district, which is distinguished by excellent transport links with all the districts of Kaunas, both by public and by personal transport. For the convenience of our customers, there is a territory guarded around-the-clock, 15 Hyundai i20 courtesy cars and free delivery of faulty cars or cars damaged during traffic accidents in Kaunas County.


During every car accident, a person experiences stress, to a greater or lesser extent. That is why a professional consultant or assistant can be very helpful.

So, entrust all your insurance events concerns to AUTOFORTAS specialists:

  • Consultation by telephone +370 37 758650
  • Car delivery from the scene of a traffic accident
  • Administration of damage
  • Agreement of estimates with your insurance company
  • Full restoration of the car after a traffic accident
  • Provision of a courtesy car during the repair, if necessary

For many years, our company has been an insurance partner of all major insurance companies operating in Lithuania – LIETUVOS DRAUDIMAS, ERGO LIETUVA, IF DRAUDIMAS, GJENSIDIGE BALTIC, BTA, SEESAM, SWEDBANK, BALCIA.


Routine repair and maintenance services are provided for cars of all brands:

  • Chassis inspection and repair
  • Computer diagnostics of engine, shock absorbers, brakes
  • Headlight beam alignment
  • Elimination of oil leakage
  • Gearbox repair
  • Repair of reduction gears
  • Repair of steering columns
  • Repair of generators
  • Repair of starters
  • Repair of clutch
  • Repair of engine, suspension, transmission, brakes
  • Replacement of oil and fluids
  • Wheel mounting and balancing
  • Suspension geometry adjustment (wheel alignment)
  • Computer diagnostics of all car systems
  • Complete repair and service of air conditioning systems, filling with R134a and R1234yf refrigerant gases
  • Replacement and welding of silencers
  • Diagnostics of ABS systems


AUTOFORTAS workers carry out body repair works quickly and professionally:

  • Car body repair
  • Restoration of damaged geometry
  • Car body flattening
  • Car body preparation for painting and painting
  • Car paint selection and production
  • Car disassembly
  • Car body assembly
  • Car polishing
  • Production of water-based paints by DU PONT

  • Exceptional body repair quality is achieved by using the modern equipment: WOLF spray booth
  • Car body geometry restoration platform KOREK by BLACKHAWK company,
  • Ultrasonic car body restoration platform SHARK 3 by BLACKHAWK company,
  • Wheel alignment machine by HUNTER
  • Air conditioning refill station by TEXA
  • Only high-quality 3M, WURTH materials are used for works
  • Water-based DU PONT paints and varnishes
  • Computer diagnostics equipment by AUTEL company

  • Computer diagnostics of engines of cars of any brands and any electronic control systems is carried out.
  • Modern AUTEL diagnostics equipment is used.

AUTOFORTAS Adress: The 9th fort str. 63, Kaunas Telephone: 8 37 758650 E-mail:


Autoservisas Kaune - Autofortas
Autoservisas Kaune - Autofortas
Važiuoklės gedimų diagnostikos, suvedimo 3D stendas Hunter
Aukščiausios klasės TEXA 780R BI-GAS stotelė
Kėbulo geometrijos ultragarsinio matavimo stendas Blackhawk Shark 3